I guess you have heard about him, the “king of Instagram” Dan Bilzerian. Born on 7 December 1980 in Tampa, Florida, United States of America. He has Armenian roots on his father’s side. He is a real social media celebrity and now and again he plays a small part in a movie. But he earned most of his money by playing poker. His capital is estimated at about 150 million dollars. Not bad really but there have also been some lows in his life.

First of all, he already suffered three heart attacks before he reached the age of 32. Furthermore, he has been involved in various court cases. Like in 2014 when he sued the producers of the film Lone Survivor. He sued them for 1.2 million dollars.

In August 2014 Bilzerian was banned from a nightclub in Miami because he had kicked the model Vanessa Castona in the face during a fight. She later on sued him and demanded damage compensation for the injuries she had suffered. Apparently, he paid her 1 million dollars to drop the case.

Later that year Bilzerian was involved in a legal issue with the porno-actress Janice Griffith. He threw her from the roof of a house and it was the intention that she would end up in the swimming pool. However, things went drastically wrong and she fell next to the pool and broke her foot. She sued Bilzerian for 85,000 dollars. However, this claim was rejected.

That same month he was also arrested at the international airport of Los Angeles. Luckily, he was released again that same day. Eventually he was given a fine of € 17,231.50.

This man might own the most beautiful houses and most expensive cars, but he has also experienced some lows in this life.

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